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The {S} Wedding {Utah County Photographer}

My best friend, Petrina, married Mark on January 18, 2014 in the LDS Sacramento, CA temple. I love Petrina so much, so I flew to California for her wedding, and we had so much fun! Her brother-in-law was her main photographer, but I followed them around during pictures and second shot the wedding. It was a blast! I apologize in advance for the photo overload, but this was probably my favorite photo shoot ever. It even made me want to photograph weddings! Hang on, because here we go!

Petrina's nephew and a good friend of ours

Mark's little sister

One of Petrina's sisters

Petrina's mom and her best friend, who came from Taiwan for the wedding

Presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Seibert!

Petrina, Mark, Mark's brother, and his wife (they were married about 3 weeks before Petrina and Mark)

This is what I imagine their family will look like in a few years when they start having children =]

All of the friends that attended the wedding. Mark and Petrina served in the same LDS mission (in Taiwan) and so many of us all served in the same mission. Even our former mission president and his wife attended. It really was a great reunion. 

Petrina's family

All of us served in the same mission, in fact, several of us were companions at one point or another.

Petrina and Camille (Camille was my first companion on my mission)

Petrina and Emily (Emily and I went on day-long exchanges a few times)

Mark and two of his roommates (and roommate's wife) - the other roommate was also a mission companion

Petrina is half-Taiwanese - If you know any Asians, you probably know they are afraid of the sun. Petrina, even though she has spent the majority of her life in the US, is no different than any other Asian - she hates the sun!!

The newlyweds and their parents

I have been in love with Petrina's ring since the first day I saw it.

I love this picture. You can see how much he loves her!

The sun was really bright that day, but it made for some really great lighting in the pictures!

His dad called while we were doing pictures =]

This was by far my most favorite picture of the whole day!

I love weddings!

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