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The {H} Wedding {Utah County Photographer}

Between the middle of December til the middle of January, I attended 5 weddings! It was crazy! Two were for family members, and three were for friends. I was only the second-photographer for one, but of course had my camera at them all!

My cousin Eric married Sara on December 28, 2013 in the LDS Mesa, AZ temple. It was such a great day and I loved a few of the shots that I got of that day. 

Eric has two brothers and a sister, but one of his brothers and his sister are both serving LDS missions, and weren't able to attend the wedding. So this is his immediate family that was there: Brother, Mom and Dad

For the first time: Mr. and Mrs. Hardester!

She was happy, I promise

Eric is the first in his family to be married, so his mother is very excited!

Eric's brother, Ryan

Inside Eric's suit coat, they had their wedding date inscribed.

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